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Dumb text update: started flight home yesterday but due to bad weather we had to hold for an hour, reroute to a smaller airport that totally was not prepared for a 757 (much less 6 of them lol), refuel and wait there, then fly to the ACTUAL airport once the weather had cleared around midnight. So we go to the airport at 1-something am, then I had to wait in a 200 person long line at customer service to find out what we were supposed to do for our connecting flight home (since it was long gone/cancelled).
A very nice gent took charge of us and got us new tickets for a 2pm flight today, and set us up with a hotel for the night (which was honestly my biggest concern because my 90 year old grandmother has to put her feet up at night or they swell terribly, not to mention y’know the part where any 90 year old just shouldn’t have to sleep in an airport terminal). There was much craziness in finding a ride to the hotel, and if the hotel would even take us, but thankfully the clerk held the last room for us.
I am immensely grateful to all the people who helped get us through the mix up, even if it took us until 3:30am. I am also very much looking forward to finally being home today.

I would post something exciting but apparently the Congress Plaza Hotel’s Internet is so crappy in our room, I can’t even load a page worth of my dash. So instead you get a dumb text post to let you know I’m still alive.
Happy fourth of July from Chicago, I hope you all have a super fantastic one~ Blast off some fireworks in game, if you can’t do it in your town ;p

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I learnt a new word and I love the sound of it: kintsukuroi. It is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with seams of gold. Kintsugi repairs the brokenness in a way that makes the container even more beautiful than it was prior to being broken.  Not a very common idea in western culture!

Instead of diminishing the bowl’s appeal and appreciation, the “break” offers the container  a new sense of its vitality and resilience. The bowl has become more beautiful for having been broken. One can say that the true life of the bowl began the moment it was dropped!

Imagine you are that clay pot: celebrate your flaws and imperfections. Remember that you being you is what makes you uniquely beautiful.  

And remember: “The world breaks everyone, then some become strong at the broken places.” Ernest Hemingway

An interesting essay on the art of kintsukuroi can be found in Flickwerk, The Aesthetics of Mended Japanese Ceramics.

Photos source | Kintsugi Japan

I’m pretty sure that I’ve reblogged this before, but its actually one of my favorite posts on tumblr. The idea that something can be more beautiful after being broken is so moving to me. I kind of want one of these someday, or to make my own. It’s an amazing concept, and I love the fact that it’s an artform.

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"Your Ascension is not the end, but rather a new beginning. Those who have helped you get this far are now in great peril. Go to them. Put right that which has gone so terribly wrong. I will be here when you return… When you have fulfilled your destiny."

Glint, is a dragon prophet. She is known as Keeper of the Flameseeker Prophecies, Foe of the Lich Lord, Protector of the Forgotten as well as Downfall of the Titans. It is said she was the first creature in all of Tyria, sent by the Gods over 3000 years ago. She was sent to act as the world’s guardian during its shaping and she was laater given servants, known as the Forgotten to aid her in this task.

Glint foresaw the Flameseeker Prophecies, and it came to fruition in 1027 AE. Her main role in the Prophecies was to welcome the young heroes of Tyria, hailing them as Chosen who would destroy the Titans and save the world.

250 years later, Glint was killed by Kralkatorrik for her betrayal, the Destiney’s Edge could not save her, and they lost Snaff in the attempt.

Glints magical energy lives on however, the dwarfes had formed a Brotherhood, knowns as the Brootherhood of the Dragon. Sworn to protect her, they had let her into their minds. But when the dwarfs transformed to stone, the task was given to a group of Canthans and Elonians, they are known as the Zephyrites.

After her death the Zephyrites sought out her corpse to keep her draconic magic from falling into the wrong hands. They found great power, her draconic magic made them able to harness the power of the Aspects, they from there on built the Sanctum, allowing them to roam the world in peace while studying her magic. 

Click here for more pictures of the Zephyr Sanctum.

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Tumblr Boss Blitz TOMORROW June 21st


Just a quick reminder of TOMORROWS event!

  • North American servers
  • Saturday the 21st
  • starts:
  • 8.00 PM CET
  • 11 AM PDT

We would really appreciate if everyone who will show up can like this post so we get an idea of how many of you there are!

I (bo) am on right now as Idris Evenstride (platecarpus.2785). If you have any questions you can contact me right now in game, reblog this post or send an ask to this blog!!

ps: will make a new post tomorrow when I know more about people who showed interested in commanding bosses. We also would like to have “back up commanders” in case something happens. Let us know.

Thank youuuuu and I hope to see you all tomorrow!

Gonna try and do this, cause it’d be super fun xp