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Welcome to SCREENSHOT DUMP GROUND. And maybe some random insanity from my life / brain. Okay, def that too.

[TUX] is my guild, but I am also a part of [BETA]

If you would like to make a donation my PayPal is shiken.tesuto@mac.com; if you would like arts, I am currently accepting commissions.
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As the adventure of Season 2 continues, the whole of Tyria is threatened by the peril of the Elder Dragon Mordremoth. Attacks by its minions have stretched ever-farther afield, from the arid Maguuma wastes to the Timberline Falls and the heart of Kryta. All of Tyria must come to understand this dire threat.


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i can imagine trahearne being the type of person who eats a whole tub of ice cream whenever hes feeling down

I dunno, I think he’d be a tea and books and eat a whole box of cookies kind of person, rather than an ice cream person.

I enjoy these ideas. Someone should now draw Trahearne with the trashy romance novel and half a box of cookies stuffed in his mouth.
*nods and casually slides sketchbook under backpack out of sight*

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Hey guys! We are reaching the end of the campaign! 
We still have a long way to go! Please share/support us on Indiegogo! :D

We can do this! \o/

About 56% with 11 days to go, now. This project is really sweet and beautifully done - even if you’ve just got $5 to spare, every bit can help get this book published!

Dumb text update: started flight home yesterday but due to bad weather we had to hold for an hour, reroute to a smaller airport that totally was not prepared for a 757 (much less 6 of them lol), refuel and wait there, then fly to the ACTUAL airport once the weather had cleared around midnight. So we go to the airport at 1-something am, then I had to wait in a 200 person long line at customer service to find out what we were supposed to do for our connecting flight home (since it was long gone/cancelled).
A very nice gent took charge of us and got us new tickets for a 2pm flight today, and set us up with a hotel for the night (which was honestly my biggest concern because my 90 year old grandmother has to put her feet up at night or they swell terribly, not to mention y’know the part where any 90 year old just shouldn’t have to sleep in an airport terminal). There was much craziness in finding a ride to the hotel, and if the hotel would even take us, but thankfully the clerk held the last room for us.
I am immensely grateful to all the people who helped get us through the mix up, even if it took us until 3:30am. I am also very much looking forward to finally being home today.